AC-DC power supplies

Easy to integrate reliable power conversion

Low noise, efficient, reliable and easy to integrate power supplies are essential in medical device, semiconductor fabrication and industrial technology applications. Our broad range of cost-effective AC-DC power solutions includes flexible, configurable and custom products ranging from 3W to 100kW.

AC-DC power supplies for high performance applications

Designed, certified and approved for a broad range of global power requirements

When reliable performance is critical, you need a power supply solution that will give you high efficiency, accuracy, stability and repeatability. Our direct sales and technical support teams work with you from design phase and throughout the entire lifecycle of your product.

Our AC to DC power supply portfolio is designed and approved for use in medical devices, ITE, industrial electronics and process control systems, semiconductor fabrication equipment, test and measurement equipment, scientific instruments, and household and domestic devices.

Solving your EMC challenges

Trouble free, low noise power conversion integration

The correct selection and integration of a power conversion device is fundamental to the overall level of emissions and immunity of your product. Our expertise in this area enables us to mitigate problems by advising on best practice and our experienced applications engineers can help with issues should they arise during the development phase.

Our wide range of standard products includes configurable and programmable solutions from 3W to over 30kW in a range of packages and mechanical formats. We also provide custom and application-specific solutions for the precise matching of unique requirements.

Overcoming reliability issues

Reliable power solutions for your application

Correct selection of a power converter for the application conditions seen by the end product is critical to long-term reliability. A power converter designed to minimize stresses on components during normal operation can still suffer from poor reliability if subject to excessive heat in the end installation.

Good thermal management is essential for maximizing reliability and XP Power offers a selection of converters with mechanical formats to match the thermal design required in different situations.

Find your ideal AC-DC power solution

Our diverse range includes hundreds of product families, easily searchable by power, voltage, format and application.

Standard, configurable and custom power supplies

A mechanical format to match your exact requirements

Our configurable and custom power supplies enable you to exactly match your requirements quickly and our programmable solutions allow you to tailor to your system needs.



  • Worldwide ITE and medical safety approvals
  • Output power from 3W to 100kW
  • Single phase input up to 528VAC
  • Three phase input up to 480VAC
  • Voltage output range up to 400VDC
  • Configurable power supplies
  • Programmable outputs, signals and controls
  • Multiple standard communication protocols