High voltage AC-DC power supplies

Robust, rugged, efficient power solutions for a wide range of applications

We understand that exceptional reliability and performance are essential in your high voltage AC-DC power supplies. We partner with electrical design and system integration engineers in industries including ion implant, Ebeam welding, and Ebeam additive manufacturing to deliver operational excellence.

Our standard solutions along with modification and custom design capabilities include modular, rack mount, and open stack power supplies from 500V to 500kV and power from 1.4W to 70kW in a single module. 

High voltage AC-DC solutions with the specifications you need

Let us guide you through the selection, optimization, and integration process.

Reliability is critical when it comes to high voltage AC-DC power supplies. You need a solution that provides exceptional efficiency, accuracy, and low system down time.

With low ripple, high stability, and a range of output control options, our high voltage power solutions offer low cost of ownership and ease of integration and use, including 0-100% programmable voltage and current as standard to maximize flexibility and control. 

Extensive portfolio for a wide range of applications

Our unique custom and manufacturing service is based on proven technology, backed by a three-year warranty. 

Digital controls facilitate ease of integration with maximum flexibility. Our products are high quality, high performance, high reliability and high stability, with low ripple and noise.

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  • High voltage outputs from 500V to 500kV
  • 0-100% programmable voltage and current 
  • Power from 1.4W to 70kW 
  • Rotary dials, analogue, RS232, USM and ethernet controls
  • Short circuit, arc, overload and thermal protection
  • Air-insulated lightweight products
  • Modular and rack mount through to open stack power supplies

Find a high voltage AC-DC solution

Our easy-to-navigate selection tool can point you in the right direction for the product choices best placed to solve your power supply challenges. With one of the largest portfolios of high voltage ac-dc converters in the market, our options go from 500V to 500kV and power from 1.4W to 70kW. 

How arcing can become a problem in high voltage applications

In high voltage power supplies the output stage is capacitive by nature, which results in stored energy. 

Whenever there is an arc discharge, the stored energy inside the power supply is quickly dispersed through an internal limiting resistance and carries high peak currents through the load. 

The high-energy pulse magnitude, known as an EMT pulse, that occurs during an arc can damage the high voltage power supply and the load, as well as potentially disrupting sensitive control and microcontroller circuitry.

Solutions that can help avoid arcing-related problems

ARC current limiting resistor  

Specifying limiting resistors to handle a high energy pulse is not always practical due to size and layout considerations. We incorporate a high value of series resistance which is enabled by our air-insulated topology which minimizes peak discharge currents and helps to minimize the EMT pulse to protect the load, high voltage components and equipment. 

ARC sensing circuitry 

The circuit counts arcs, and if the arc rate exceeds a safe amount over a set time, it inhibits the high voltage generation for a fixed interval.  This ensures that the average power dissipation is below the rating of the current limiting resistors. The arc-sensing circuitry protects the power supply and the load.