High voltage solutions for mass spectrometry

Low ripple and noise down to 2 PPM

Precision analytical devices require accurately specified and designed power supplies. High voltage with very low ripple and high stability will guarantee the performance and accuracy of your mass spectrometry application.

Manufacturers are creating ever smaller system solutions and need high voltage power solutions offering functionality in the smallest possible size.

Precision solutions for higher performance

The low ripple, stability and consistency you need from your power supply

Our standard and custom high voltage solutions give you all the functionality you need in an industry-leading footprint with programmable solutions and monitoring capabilities to ensure consistent performance.

We offer low ripple output down to 2 PPM and long-term output stability so you can design higher specification tools and get more accurate, repeatable results.

Reliable products for mass spectrometry applications

HRC05 Series

+24VDC input (22 to 30V) 

Output voltages up to 6kV 

0 to 100% programmable output voltage 

On-board +5V reference 

Load and line regulation <0.01%

Low ripple <0.01%

HRL30 Series

+24VDC input (22 to 30V)

Output voltage & current regulated

0 to 100% programmable output & current

Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C

On-board +5V reference

Efficiency > 80%

Custom power

Flexible mechanical packages and options

Filter design to meet noise and ripple standards

Multiple digital control options

Reversible polarity

In-house software/firmware development 

I2C, RS232/422/485, DeviceNet and EtherCA