High voltage power supplies

High precision, low noise solutions up to 500kV with output power to 600kW

Exceptional reliability, accuracy and performance in a small size are essential for high voltage applications. Design engineers working in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial technology and healthcare also want functionality and ease of integration in multiple form factors.

You can depend on our power supplies and design & technical support to solve your high voltage power challenges.

Standard, modified and custom power solutions

Our design expertise provides accuracy, quality and reliability

We partner with you so that when your resources and deadlines are tight, our customer-focused direct sales and global design-in & support will help you achieve your goals.

We have standard, modified and custom high voltage power solutions to address your specific design needs, whatever they are. Our extensive design validation and testing processes ensure your end products are efficient, safe and last a lifetime.

Powering performance-critical high voltage applications

Designed for the healthcare, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial technology sectors.

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Our range of high voltage AC-DC power supplies and high voltage DC-DC converters include the following features:

  • Low ripple and noise, load, and line regulation down to 1 PPM
  • Output voltage range of 100V to 500kV
  • Power range of 2mW to 600kW
  • 0-100% programmable voltage and current
  • Negative, positive, reversible polarity
  • Analog, RS232, LAN, EtherCAT and Ethernet controls
  • Input and output protection with built-in industry safety approvals
  • Available in multiple form factors

Ensuring success for your critical applications

Reliable, safe power supplies are needed in high voltage applications to guarantee trouble-free operation.

In high voltage power supplies the output stage is capacitive by nature, which results in stored energy. During an arc discharge, the stored energy inside the power supply is quickly dispersed through an internal limiting resistance and carries high peak currents through the load.


The high energy pulse magnitude (EMT pulse) that occurs during an arc can damage the high voltage power supply and the load, as well as potentially disrupt sensitive control and microcontroller circuitry.


Our high voltage power supplies feature arc current limiting and arc sensing circuitry to protect the load from arcing damage.

If you don’t address isolation requirements properly or make poor insulation choices, then your power supply could become destabilized. You should also ensure that moisture is not being absorbed into the device and guard against leakage currents.


Our industry-leading design and manufacturing controls ensure longevity and consistent performance in your critical applications.

Find a high voltage solution

Our easy-to-navigate selection tool can point you in the right direction for the product choices best placed to solve your power supply challenges. With one of the largest portfolios of converters in the market, our options go from 100V to 500kV and power from 2mW to 600kW. 

Global manufacturing and technical support

Supporting our customers all over the world

We have grown our portfolio of high precision, low noise solutions to help you develop critical applications including wafer etching, lithography, scanning electron microscopes, mass spectrometry, medical imaging, and surgical equipment.

Global design and manufacturing facilities at key sites in Asia, North America, and Europe mean we can support our customers globally, across the entire design and lifecycle of their product.