Industrial technology power supplies

Safe, reliable power conversion for easy system integration

With the increasing digitalization of modern industry, power supply reliability has never been more critical. For engineers working in Industry 4.0 applications, we provide solutions with easy-to-integrate drop-in solutions with high performance across a broad range of products – all supported by XP Power’s many years of experience and exceptional end-to-end service. 

We know what it takes to power your critical electronic systems

When you're working with advanced technology, you need an equally advanced power supply system – one that’s reliable, safe, and efficient.

From electromagnetic compatibility issues to potential overheating, there are multiple challenges in the smooth operation of industrial technology applications.

We offer one of the broadest product ranges on the market, with fixed programmable AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters and high voltage power supplies from 0.25W to 200kW.

Power solutions in a format to suit your application needs

Our solutions accommodate single-phase, three-phase and DC inputs with fanless and fan cooling options to provide the right power for your application. All our products also come with a range of mounting options, including open frame, rack mount and DIN rail mounting.

With the flexibility for modifications and value-add solutions, XP Power provides dedicated technical expertise, design-in support and exceptional component quality – making the development and installation process straightforward and cost effective.

Looking for more information?

We’re committed to helping you find flexible, efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions that match your unique needs. XP Power’s global reach means that we can always connect you to a friendly expert in your region to discuss your requirements.


Having visibility of impactful data is key to successfully driving critical process excellence and enabling robust preventive maintenance. Our advanced power solutions provide the rich data needed to directly improve your wafer quality, yields and fabrication uptime. Offering advanced metrology and control features that can integrate with the tool through advanced communication protocols such as EtherCAT.

EMC issues can create havoc during the integration phase of power solutions and can prolong the design process. Power supplies that fail to meet EMC standards can cause serious issues in customer equipment. Our broad range of low-voltage AC-DC, DC-DC and high-voltage power supplies exceed industry standards in providing power solutions for the most sensitive applications.


Low voltage power solutions

  • Up to 30kW of output power
  • Fixed or programmable outputs
  • Multiple cooling options
  • Digital product platforms
  • EtherCAT and DeviceNET options


Low Voltage AC-DC Power Supplies

High voltage power solutions

  • Outputs up to 500kV and 300kW
  • Programmable output voltages
  • Low noise, high stability
  • Wide range of flexible mechanical packages
  • Multiple digital control options


High Voltage AC-DC Power Supplies

Custom and modified power solutions

  • Application-specific product development
  • Reduced development costs
  • Low risk using proven technology
  • Short development times
  • Global design and manufacturing facilities

Our portfolio in action

Mass spectrometry

Accuracy and long-term reliability are key requirements for analytical instruments. From front-end configurable multi-output power supplies driving the whole instrument to the HV DC-DC converters powering the critical parts of the IP from ion source to detectors or the desktop power supplies powering the data acquisition system we have the solutions to your variety of needs in this market.

Your provider of industrial technology power solutions

We are a market leader in high voltage, AC-DC, and DC-DC power supplies 

  • High efficiency solutions
  • Industry leading power density
  • Universal input options
  • Analog and digital signals and controls
  • Multiple cooling and mechanical package options
  • Flexible and configurable power supplies
  • Global sales, technical and design in support 
  • Global manufacturing facilities
  • Modification and custom power capabilities