Compact power solutions with digital and analogue control

With restricted space and demands for tailored system integration, you need your power solution to enable user defined application specific requirements, programmability, and high precision.

Our HPA1K5 universal, single phase input, 1.5kW power module is scalable to 7.5kW and beyond. It has nominal voltage output ratings of 24V and 48V supporting 0-105% programmable constant voltage and constant current operation while enabling user defined signals, alarms & controls.


Design flexibility and firmware configuration allow one device for multiple applications

If you’re developing semiconductor fabrication systems, medical devices, or high-performance industrial equipment, you may need a power source – one that provides exactly the power and control parameters that you need, from minimal space. Optimizing curing processes, for example, critically depends on the right consistent LED brightness – which is controlled by an accurate, reliable, and user configurable power supply.

The HPA1K5 is an extremely compact, high power density, 1U low profile solution that supplies 1.5kW of power – scalable to 7.5kW and beyond - from a universal single phase 80V – 264V input. It comes with the assurance of safety agency approvals for ITE, industrial & healthcare applications. 

Using our comprehensive development tools, including the GUI, manuals, and digital interface, you can define signals, controls, and alarms to achieve tailored system integration. With its flexibility, programmable firmware, and scalability, the HPA1K5 becomes the only part needed to drop into multiple applications.

Low profile, High power density, drop in solutions

1.5kW power modules scalable to 7.5kW & beyond

  • User defined signals, controls & alarms for tailored system integration
  • Customer specific factory flashed firmware options 
  • Ultra-fast slew rates down to 40ms 
  • Standard building block for power systems to 7.5kW & beyond 
  • Development tools GUI and manuals for customer development 
  • High power density in space saving design (1U)
  • Simplified interconnections for high power systems
  • Fast response to output programming adjustments
  • High efficiency for reduced operational costs

Need a reliable, cost effective & configurable power supply?

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We recognize your needs for a power supply solution that features comprehensive user programmability and is fully scalable for integration into a diverse range of applications.

Ultimate interfacing capabilities for rapid and user specific optimization

Many applications require precisely controlled power delivered from a compact footprint. LEDs used for curing in printing & coating as well as lighting & heating applications, electrolysis, water treatment, hydrogen generation, motor drives, test and burn-in for semi-fab equipment, medical & analytical devices, battery charging & simulation, test & measurement, and much more.

The HPA1K5 comes in one of the market’s most compact packages with industry-leading power density in a convenient 1U format. This minimally-sized package also includes our HP series DSP platform facilitating tailored configuration via both digital and analog controls.

The HPA series can be configured for load requirements up to 50V and 1.5kW as standard. Additionally, units can be paralleled to exceed 7.5kW, with a single phase input from 80 – 264 VAC. Covering a broad range of string voltages and applications, the series is supported by development tools and user-defined options to optimize characteristics for high power LED applications.

Flexibility and ease of integration come first with the HP series. Like our 3 phase products HPT, HPT-L and HPL, the HPA provides a simple GUI that can be programmed for constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) mode in a compact high power single phase solution.

 The integrated DSP provides the added benefits of user defined signals, controls, and alarms to tailor the system for your specific needs.

If your application has similar demands, our compact, single phase input HPA modules offer high-performance, flexible, reliable, and cost effective solutions.


Highly precise, efficient and flexible power solutions 

The HPA offers rapid user configurability from an extremely compact, high power density, low profile 1U module. Its high line 180 VAC to 264 VAC input voltage has minimal derating down to low line 80 VAC, with 24V & 48V output voltage ratings. Complete, drop in, single phase universal input 1.5kW power modules scalable to 7.5kW and beyond with constant current and constant voltage modes.

  • Universal single phase input (80 – 264 VAC)
  • Programmable output voltage (0-105%)
  • Programmable output current (0-110%)
  • Constant voltage & constant current operation
  • High efficiency – up to 93%
  • User defined signals, controls & alarms 
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Parallel operation
  • Analog & digital Interfaces
  • Multiple digital protocols - PMBus, CANopen, MODBUS & SCPI
  • Fully featured signals & controls
  • ITE, industrial, and healthcare safety agency approvals
  • 3 year warranty

One of our success stories

HPA Series in action

A leading manufacturer of direct electrochemical synthesis equipment required a single power solution to overcome several critical challenges.

By reducing complexity, footprint, and cost the programmable and compact HPA1K5 power module quickly became the solution.

Experts in high power

We offer the industry’s largest standard high voltage power supply range, together with expertise in adjustment, modification and complete custom design and manufacture. All products provide total quality, from in-house design in Asia, Europe, and North America through to manufacturing facilities around the world.

  • Offering the widest range of power products available from one source
  • Unrivaled global technical and customer support
  • Vendor consolidation
  • 32 sales offices throughout Europe, North America, and Asia
  • Experienced design teams to support development
  • Flexible and configurable solutions
  • Digitally controlled and programmable solutions

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