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HPA Series: Single phase input 1.5kW power modules scalable to 7.5kW

The HPA offers rapid user configurability from an extremely compact, high power density, low profile 1U module.


What happened to SELV? - Part 2

Find out what happened to SELV in this concluding part of our answer to this question.


What happened to SELV? - Part 1

Alan Hill explains what happened to the old IEC60950-1 SELV categorisation.


How do I choose the best power supply for a peak load?

Choosing a power supply for a peak load is complicated. Let this guide help to make it easier.


Why does my 10kV power supply have an isolation rating of 3.5kV?

In this video, Alan Hill looks at the relationship between the output voltage and isolation rating of a high voltage pow...


How does power supply noise get into the rest of my system?

Find the answer to a simple power supply noise question we regularly get asked.


HP Series: Compact, flexible, 3 phase input high power solutions

The HP Series series offers ultimate flexibility and scalability from 3kW to 30kW and beyond


HRC05 Series: Miniature regulated 5W high voltage DC-DC converters

The HRC05 compact 5W HV DC-DC converters provide well-regulated, fully adjustable outputs up to 6kV.


XP Power: Company overview

Leading provider of power solutions, including AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters. This short video provides an o...


How to connect & test a proportional model

Understand how to connect and test a proportional model to verify operation.


Connecting proportional models for positive & negative outputs

Expert advice on how to connect proportional high voltage DC to DC power supplies for either positive or negative output...


Efficient GCS150-250 series of power supplies

Designed to maximise efficiency while minimising no-load input power.